• Unattended Substation Operation and Maintenance Management System

    Project Overview

    Unattended substation is an advanced operation management mode. The personnel on duty obtain relevant information remotely, then control and manage the equipment operation of the substation.

    In the management of unattended substations, an integrated monitoring system has become the first choice for scientific and efficient management of many substations. It can effectively prevent accidents in unattended substations and ensure the safety of their lives and property. With outstanding advantages in intelligent power distribution, energy efficiency management, automation solutions, etc., Heyuan Intelligence independently developed a set of unattended substation monitoring system-substation operation and maintenance management system.

    System Composition

    The transformation and distribution operation and maintenance management system uses advanced technologies such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing, and big data analysis to perfectly integrate with operation and maintenance services.


    The system not only can comprehensively grasp the working conditions of electrical equipment, electrical operation status, perimeter environment, fault warning, etc. in traction substations, substations, box-type substations, etc., but also in-depth Analysis to help users save energy and reduce consumption.


    In addition, through big data analysis, it can accurately match user needs, and provide personalized customization to eliminate manual operation and maintenance blind spots, which can save personnel maintenance costs, save resources, and help users improve quality and efficiency. Scientific and efficient operation and maintenance management provides Users create greater value.

    Solution Design


    System Topology


    System Functions

    ·System Homepage

    Display the overall overview of substations and box substations, including system overview, operating status, online status, power station distribution, alarm items, alarm processing, alarm analysis, load analysis, etc.

    ·Running Analysis

    According to the selection of the operation and maintenance site, display the site's system overview, operating status, time records, hot spots, hourly electricity consumption curve, electricity consumption overview, etc., and display content in various forms.

    ·System Wiring Diagram

    The system reflects the changes in the electrical parameters of the high-voltage part and the busbar section of the transformer in real time through a graph, including information such as remote measurement and remote signaling.

    ·Main Transformer Analysis

    According to the selection of the operation and maintenance site, you can view the main transformer list, load factor analysis, temperature analysis, and demand analysis of the site, and gain insight into the real-time operation status of the site.

    ? Line Analysis

    You can view a list of site lines, real-time power consumption, power analysis, power factor, and power analysis, and perform visual display and comparative analysis of data.

    ·Power Quality

    Analyze harmonic content, voltage qualification rate, power sag, three-phase imbalance, etc., and conduct in-depth mining based on data to optimize operation equipment management.

    ·Electricity Analysis

    The system can automatically generate daily, monthly, and annual data reports, visually display and compare and analyze the loop load, time-sharing power, and energy flow diagram of each site.

    ·Environmental Monitoring

    Display the environmental information of the operation and maintenance site (temperature/humidity, flooding, smoke, gas, etc.), conduct video monitoring for important areas and equipment, and realize remote control of the site.

    ?Alarm Query

    Timely push all alarm information of each operation and maintenance site, such as equipment operation failure alarm, perimeter environment alarm, communication status alarm, etc., to help users troubleshoot hidden troubles in time, so that abnormal situations can be handled in an orderly manner.

    Application Products



    Multi-channel Power Meter                


    With internationally cutting-edge imported metering IC solutions, we launchedmultiple-circuit smart meters with efficient and stable metering performance for all electrical parameters. Matched with Heyuan Cloud Platform Managing System, it can provide remote stable and reliable data and ensures efficient energy management and electrical safety monitoring. 





    Digital Three Phase Power Meter                 


    The advanced multifunctional electric power meter provides the most affordable metering solution with reliable power metering features for voltage, current, power and bi-directional energy, which is widely applied in automatic power distribution, energy management system and intelligent monitoring system.